CSA Program

Spring 2023 CSA 03/09/23-05/18/23

CSA Packages

Thank you for your interest in our Gourmet Meat CSA! We also offer Egg and Honey CSA as an add-on to your Gourmet Meat CSA Purchase. Before making a decision whether to apply, please take the time to carefully read these pages so you’ll be more familiar with the realities of CSA membership. If you have ANY questions please let us know!

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? A CSA allows farmers and their local community to share the risks and benefits of local food production. CSA Members pledge to support a farm for the entire growing season. In our case ¼ of the year per contract, in return, you get a bi-weekly share of fresh meats, eggs or honey. Read one of our blog posts, "Why Join a Meat CSA?" for more info and details on how the process operates at Spring House Farm. 

How long is the CSA season? Each CSA season consists of 6 packages available for pick-up every two weeks for two and a half months. PRORATED SHARES ARE AVAILABLE for those that join after the CSA season has begun to receive the remaining deliveries for that CSA season.  Email info@springhouse.farm about prorated shares at any time.

Where are the pick-up locations and times? We offer pick-up locations throughout Loudoun County - see a full list of locations and dates/times here

What foods might be included in the share? Our Gourmet Meat CSA includes pork, beef, and local sustainably raised chicken.  We may also have lamb to offer depending on our seasonal slaughter schedule.

Our CSA package contents are carefully selected, and we take great care to ensure that contents vary from week to week containing prime cuts as well as other lesser known but equally delicious cuts in order to stand by our whole animal approach. If you ever receive a cut you are unfamiliar with, contact us and we will gladly assist you in creating an amazing meal! We offer several sizes of our CSA packages to fit every budget and family size.  We are not able to customize the CSA packages at this time. Thank you for understanding.

What size is the share? There are three sizes to choose from, Family Share, Lovers Share and Sampler Share.

• Family Share: (between 11lbs-14lbs bi-weekly)

• Lovers Share:(between 5lbs-7lbs bi-weekly)

• Sampler Share:(between 3lbs-4lbs bi-weekly)

• Egg & Honey Shares are also available as an add on option only.

Do I get to choose what products I get?  We pack all the bags with more or less the same contents.  We try to accommodate as much variety as possible every week.   We also do our best to accommodate every taste, but cannot take special requests.

Am I required to work on the farm? No, we don’t have any work requirement. But we hope you will want to come meet your farmer and see how your food is grown. And it’s fun for us to meet all the folks who eat our foods!

What if I can’t make a pick-up date? If you are unable to make a particular pick-up date, please make arrangements to have someone pick up your share for you.  If that is not possible, you can e-mail info@springhouse.farm to make alternate arrangements.  Please give us at least two weeks notice of travel, etc and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I cancel my membership in the CSA? By joining the CSA, you are committing yourself to be a member for the entire 3 months, thus providing us with a secure market – a very welcome thing in the uncertain world of farming! We, in turn, dedicate ourselves to being your farmer, providing you with nutritious, naturally grown, high quality products. If you are moving away or something drastic happens, we will consider refunding the balance of your share. But first consider transferring ownership of your share to a friend or co-worker.

What happens if there is a crop failure? One of the fundamental principles of Community Supported Agriculture is that the shareholder shares both the bounty and the risk of the farm. In farming, there are many things that can go wrong; there are definitely no guarantees that a crop or livestock will succeed. We do everything within our means to try to make each animal harvest a success, but it doesn’t always work. Raising many different animals helps ensure that, even if some fail, there should be enough of others to fill the gaps.

What are your livestock management practices? Each animal type requires a different management practice and this changes throughout the seasons. We encourage customers to contact us and come out to see how we operate.

Do we give our animals steroids and/or antibiotics? We do not give any medication without just cause. If we have a sick or injured animal we consult our veterinarian and come up with a treatment plan, just as any parent would do for their child that is sick or injured. However, due to our unique management practices we have very few sicknesses or injuries. We believe a low stress environment helps make for happy animals, and happy animals are healthy animals!

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